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2012同等学力申硕英语备考400题连载(十二)  来源:中国教育在线 学苑教育  2012-03-13    


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  131._____inviting guests and not treating them properly!

  A.Strangely B.Fantastically

  C.Surprisingly D.Fancy


  [注释]fancy doing没想到.......竟然:1)Fancy your him!(没想到你竟然认识他!)2)Fancy spending the day in here!(没想到竟在这里过了一天!)


  132.With sufficient scientific information a manned trip to Mars should be_____.

  A.obtainable B.potential C.considerable D.feasible


  [注释]feasible(=that can be done)可行的,可做到的:1)Your plan sounds quite feasible.(你的计划听起来很可行。)2)It's not feasible to make the trip in one day.(一天内要进行这次旅行是做不到的。)


  133.The generation_____makes it difficult for parents to understand their children's opinions.

  A.division C.separation D.interval


  [注释]generation gap代沟。

  division分,划分;separation分开;interval间隔,间隙;(幕间或工间)休息。at intervals不时,时时

  134.If the boy had_____the dog alone it wouldn't have bitten him.

  A.set B.left C.had D.put


  [注释]leave sb./sth.alone不惹,不管,不碰:Leave the box alone.(别碰那个盒子。)

  135.They were so far away that I couldn't_____their faces clearly.

  A.see through B.make up C.see off D.make out

  [答案]D.make out.

  [注释]make out(=identify and see with effort or difficulty)辨认出。

  see through参阅Ⅲ,151,注释:此处see through还可表示"看穿......(=understand the real meaning of or reason for;realize the falseness of)":1)The teacher saw through the boy's story of having to help at home.(=The teacher knew his story was not true;it was just an excuse.)2)He can't fool her.She sees him through every time.

  see off送行;make up构成,组成,拼凑;弥补,赔偿;化装,编造:1)编造:John made up the joke about the talking dog.2)弥补:Bob must make up the work he missed.3)凑足:We need one more to make up the dozen.4)化装:The actors were making up when we arrived.5)构成:Nine players make up a team.

  136.Achieving a high degree of proficiency in English as a foreign language is not a mysterious_____without scientific basis.

  A.process B.practice C.procedure D.program


  [注释]process(=connected series of actions,or series of operations)过程:By what process is cloth made form wool?(经过什么过程羊毛织成呢料?)practice(=the doing of something of,performance or repeated exercise,etc.)实习,练习;开业:She is doing her practice at the piano.(她在练习弹钢琴。)procedure(=the regular order of doing things)程序:the usual procedure at a meeting(开会的通常程序)。Program(=plan of what is to be done or list of items or events)课程,计划,大纲:What is the program for tomorrow?(明天上什么课?)

  137.I must go now._____,if you want that book I'll bring it next time.

  A.Incidentally B.Accidentally

  C.Occasionally D.Subsequently


  [注释]incidentally(=by the way)附带地,顺便:Fred said,incidentally,that he had no dinner.(顺便提一下,福来德那时说,他还没吃晚饭。)accidentally(=by chance)偶然地:I met with an old friend of mine accidentally last week.(上星期我偶然碰到一位老朋友。)occasionally(=from time to time,not regularly)不时地,偶尔:We get visitors here occasionally.(我们偶尔在此接游客。)subsequently(=afterwards,later)At first we thought we would go;but subsequently we learned we were needed at home.(起初,我们想离开;但随后我们得知家里需要我们。)

  138.A completely new situation is likely to_____when the school leaving age is raised to 16.

  A.arouse B.rise C.arise D.abide


  [注释]arise(=come into being,appear,happen)产生,发生:Difficulties will arise as we do the work.(我们做这项工作时将会发生困难。)



  139.The illness from which Mary is suffering has now been_____as hepatitis(肝炎).

  A.diagnosed B.determined C.deduced D.discovered




  140.These continual_____in temperature make it impossible to decide what to wear.

  A.alterations B.vibrations C.waves D.fluctuations




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