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2012同等学力申硕英语备考400题连载(九)  来源:中国教育在线 学苑教育  2012-03-12    


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  101. Professor Smith and Professor Brown will _____ in giving the class lectures.

  A. exchange    B. alter    C. shift    D. alternate

  [答案]D. alternate.

  [注释]alternate vt./vi. 轮流,交替发生或出现:Wet days alternate with fine days.(晴雨天交替更迭。)The weather today will alternate between fine and cloudy.(今天的天气将是晴间多云。)

  shift般动,移动(vt.);转移到,迁移(vi.);改变:1)Lend me a hand to shift the piano, will you?(请帮个忙搬一下这台钢琴。) 2)They have shifted away from this area.(他们已从这一地区迁走了。) 3)The candidate is constantly shifting his opinion about the problem.(这位竞选者在这个问题上不断改变他的观点。)

  exchange交换;exchange... for ... 用.......换......;alter(部分)修改。

  102. Pack the cake in a strong box, or it might get _____ in the post.

  A. splashed    B. spilt    C. crushed    D. crashed

  [答案]C. crushed.

  [注释]crush压坏,压碎;弄皱;辗散;1)Don't crush this box; there are flowers inside.(不要把这个盒子压坏了,里面有鲜花。) 2)Her dress was crushed.(她的衣服弄皱了。) 3)The machine crushes wheat grain to make floor.(这台机器把麦粒辗成面粉。)


  103. The thief _____ the papers all over the room while he was searching.

  A. abandoned    B. vanished    C. scattered    D. deserted

  [答案]C. scattered.

  [注释]scatter(=throw or put in various directions, or here and there)撒。


  104. Today, housework has been made much easier by electrical _____.

  A. facilities    B. appliances    C. instruments    D. equipment

  [答案]B. appliances.

  [注释]electric appliances电器用具,facilities公用设备。equipment设备,装备,是集合名词,指"设备"的总称,只有当数形式。instrument仪器。

  105. The _____ of the trees in the water was very clear.

  A. mirror    B. sight    C. reflection    D. shadow

  [答案]C. reflection.


  106. One _____ needed when making a cake is flour; another is sugar.

  A. container    B. ingredient    C. content    D. equivalent

  [答案]B. Ingredient.


  107. They have been waiting for many hours to see the singer, but the airplane must have been _____.

  A. behind the times    B. behind schedule

  C. ahead of time      D. in no time

  [答案]B. behind schedule.

  [注释]behind schedule(=late, behind time)晚点:The train is running behind schedule today.(=The train is not on time today.)behind the times(=using things not in style; still following old ways; old fashioned)过时,跟不上时代,落后:1)The store is behind the times.(=The store is old-fashioned; it looks as stores looked 40 years ago.) 2) Mary thinks her parents are behind the times because they still do the fox-trot and don't know any new dances.(=Mary's parents are old-fashioned in their dancings .) ahead of time提前: They have fulfilled their production plans ahead of time, in no time(=soon, quickly)立即,马上:I'll be back in no time to see you home.

  108. Neither of them thought highly of him and they both tried to _____ him in his work.

  A. hamper    B. support    C. assist    D. encourage

  [答案]A. hamper.

  [注释]hamper(=hinder, prevent free movement or activity)阻碍:Lack of equipment is hampering our work.


  Think highly of... 对...评价很高,认为......很好。

  109. Her display of bad temper completely _____ the party.

  A. harmed    B. damaged    C. spoilt    D. hurt

  [答案]C. spoilt.

  [注释]spoil指出意指"使...... 扫兴,搞糟",如:Quarrelling spoilt the picnic.(争吵使这次野餐弄得很扫兴。)hurt伤害,damage 损坏,harm危害,均不合题意。

  110. We forgave his bad temper because we knew that his son's illness had put him under great _____.

  A. emotion    B. excitement    C. crisis    D. Stress

  [答案]D. stress.

  [注释]put sb. under(great) stress使某人处境(非常)紧张,使某人受(很大)压力。


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